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Introductory Tai Chi

Tai Chi Style: 

Tai Chi Chuan style originated with Taoist monks in China in the ninth century. A series of 108 movements choreographed together into a “set”*, meant to increase body strength and flexibility leading to enhanced health and longevity.

 Beginners Session of 8 classes

Goal: to begin to learn the 108 slow, gentle, and continuous movements of the Tai Chi set.

One on one instruction on the basics and elements for each of the 108 movements in the Tai Chi set

Teaching aids and online manuals for further instruction


Wednesday’s 6:00-7:30pm starting April 15th – June 3rd

(With further interest the classes will continue)

Health Benefits

Tai Chi is a complete and integrated exercise, which works all of the body’s systems deeply yet gently. It promotes good health by enhancing the circulation of “chi” or vital energy in the body. According to Chinese medicine, ill health comes as a result of impairments in the flow of this energy, through specific pathways (or meridians) in the body. The 108 movements are designed to open up blockages along the meridians, thereby allowing energy to flow freely throughout key areas in the body and to nourish and stimulate the internal organs to which the meridians are connected. This art gradually and gently works to strengthen and transform every part and system of the body. The movements also benefit the joints, tendons and ligaments, taking them through their full range of motion to achieve maximum flexibility and reduce the natural deterioration of the joints that tends to occur with age. Tai Chi increases the circulation of blood and oxygen to all parts of the body, strengthening the cardiovascular system while improving physical conditioning, decreasing fatigue, and developing endurance. The movements promote deep relaxed breathing and increase the heart rate to aerobic exercise levels.

Payment and method:

Purchase an 8 class pass for $104. Cash or cheque accepted in person, email money transfer or paypal on webstore here

Instructor - Harold Lee

Harold has been practicing Tai Chi since 1987 and began teaching in 1992. He is looking forward to sharing this art at Serenity Now Yoga.