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Partner Yoga: Poses for Friends and Lovers

Sat Mar 5th 2:00-4:00 / $50 per couple

Have double the fun in your yoga practice. We will do light-hearted poses redesigned for two and help each other experience deeper stretch and strength. No prior yoga experience necessary, beginners welcome! Partner Yoga isn't just for romantic partners. It can build and strengthen a friendship as well.

Partner Yoga is when 2 or more people join together to deepen the experience of their yoga practice. Join Nicole and Ginelle as they share their knowledge and skill of partner yoga in this workshop. Learn the principals of safety, touch, communication, grounding, balance and trust in a step by step progression.

Doing yoga with your partner is one way of practicing communication with each other, since you have to be attentive to your partner's body in each pose you do together. For many couples, it's a way of deepening the connection between two people and being present with each other. If you are single bring a friend to play and connect with as these are valuable skills in any relationship and gives an opportunity to give and receive.

Working with a partner can also help you move beyond your own self-limiting ideas of what you can and can’t do

Location: Rose Haven (very close to Serenity Now Yoga)

Payment is required to reserve your spot.

Please contact Nicole to arrange payment (many payment options available!).

519-777-9400 or [email protected]

*No refunds available*