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Shamanic Journey Circle every Thursday 8-9pm

Shamanic Journeying is a simple, ancient practice of meditation and finding answers. It can feel like a light trance – one that you are totally conscious in. It feels more powerful than just a normal meditation because it is a Journey – you feel yourself move into it, and back, and often get lessons or visions during it. It is a way you can connect with your highest self and your guides. It’s earthy & born from ancient traditions.

The circle we create each week contains the energy and intention of the work we do as individuals and as a group of people joining together. We travel to those deep places of the heart, those wise and compassionate places where Spirit resides, waiting to commune with us.

The shamanic journey lets us safely shift into a conscious connection with spirit, for learning, healing, and the direct revelation of spiritual guidance. Let's bring our energies together to journey, learn, heal and grow.

There will be 3 aspects to every gathering: Exploration of Spiritual realms, helping yourself and helping the Earth. Each month we will rotate through different teachings and methods of journeying.

Please bring: your good intentions, a journal if you choose to record your experience, a $10-15 contribution

Doors are shut and we begin at 8:00, when we'll formally create our circle.

1st Week of Each Month

The Foundation

Here we learn and discuss and practice concepts that give us a solid foundation to work from. Topics will include guided journey techniques, setting sacred space, Spirit Allies, Smudging, energy testing and protection and much more.

No pre-requisite.

Everyone welcome

2nd Week of Each Month

Guided Journey

These sessions will be dedicated to experiencing the many

amazing journey’s given in Nicki Scully’s books…Alchemical Healing, Animal Meditations and Planetary Healing.

No Pre-requisite

Everyone welcome

3rd Week of Each Month

Shamanic Journey

Those who have already learned to journey to the drum, which is a traditional shamanic journey, are welcome to join us. You don't have to have learned from me, but you do need to know the practice.

If you want to learn to journey so that you can join us for Journey Circle in the future you can register for my next class here. I suggest that you register for the full day. The class fills quickly, so register now.

4th Week of Each Month

Guided Journey

These sessions will be guided from many possible sources and will be relevant for the group, and what is happening in nature around us.

No Pre-requisite

Everyone welcome

NEW! You can join us for Journey Circles and Share via Skype, please contact me before noon on Thursday so that I can include you in the Skype group (I am teaching yoga before this circle so will not respond last minute). You can either offer a donation the next time I see you or online via Paypal and the donate button you see here.