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Energy Sense  

For Parent and Child - Do you have a highly intuitive or sensitive child?

Some children pick up the emotions, energy, or thoughts of others to the degree that it becomes overwhelming .

Are you and/or your child sensitive or re-active in large groups of people (Mall, Walmart, grocery stores, crowds) When you are in crowded place or places frequented by many people do you have oppressive feelings or a sense of heaviness or pressure in your head? Do you or they end up with headaches, feeling shaky, nauseated, spacey or light-headed, agitated, or experience strong emotions that seem to come from nowhere? Do you or your children have sensitivities to food, medicine, toxins in vaccines, toxins in our home?

Any or all of these symptoms are directly related to being sensitive to energy or what’s called intuitive or empathic. Being sensitive to your environment is actually part of a gift of being a sensitive to energy. Some of us are gifted with being able to feel, see or sense more so than others. 

So, how do you properly protect and support a highly intuitive child?

In this workshop we will talk about the gifts and challenges of being highly intuitive or empathic. (Many parents of sensitive children are sensitive themselves...)

Both you and your child will learn tools to manage their intuitive abilities, create healthy boundaries and learn how to clear away any energies that they may have "taken on", someone else's mood, aches, pains, or worries. 

Spaces are limited to 4/6 families depending on number of children attending...being mindful of keeping the energy not to overwhelming for all.

Location: Serenity Now Yoga Studio


Cost: $50 for one parent and child - add $10 per child after that

Parents will receive a handout to take home and refer to

Are you Highly Sensitive or Intuitive?

These workshops are also available for Adults or Teens and are available upon request for groups.

Cost per person is $35

Date to be announced soon...

What is Energy?

Even though we can’t usually see it, energy is all around us, existing in a variety of wavelengths and frequencies. It includes cosmic radiation, x-rays, radio waves, infrared waves, and a more subtle form that permeates the entire universe and comprises everything in it, including you and me.

The information we usually get about the world or energy around us comes through the normal five senses: sight, touch, taste, hearing, and smell. Most of us these days get information through images (visual or clairvoyant), or sound (auditory or clairaudient); with touch (kinesthetic or clairsentient or empathic), taste, (gustatory), and smell (olfactory) typically being the supportive modes to the two primary ones. Those with a predominant feeling sense tend to be sponge-like in soaking up energy, information and emotions from other people.

Symptoms of being highly Intuitive: (not all apply)

  • Noisy, crowded events are agitating and it takes a long time to bounce back after such disruptions
  • Anxiety
  • Feeling of heaviness or pressure in places frequented by many people.
  • "catches" others' emotions or upset moods almost like a cold.
  • prone to headaches and stomachaches related to other people's stress
  • feel tension during traumatic world events
  • a tendency to have insights about other people and the world that outpace developmental norms.
  • an ability to "see" things before they happen and is surprised that other people respond to her predictions with amazement.