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Deep Peace Psoas Release

Our psoas muscles reside deeply in our core and greatly influence our physical and emotional bodies. If our psoas are shortened and tight they can impede many aspects of ourselves. The psoas can influence every aspect of our wellbeing: movement, pelvic integrity, posture, sleep, pain, flexibility, digestion, sexuality, adrenal and hormonal function, anxiety, energy...

This two-hour class of Deep Peace Restorative Yoga focuses on developing an awareness of, relaxing and releasing our psoas muscles.

Come and explore your psoas muscles through restorative yoga poses including assists, breathing and meditation.

Develop awareness of Your Self. Awaken your bones, Unravel patterns of tension, Create harmony within.

Location: Serenity Now Yoga

Date: Saturday January 17

Time: 1:00 - 3:00 pm

Cost: $30 / person

Facilitated by Beth McLellan

Certified Yoga Teacher, Thai Massage, Reiki lll, Reconnection

To Register Contact Nicole at [email protected] or 519-777-9400