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Egyptian Mysteries Sekhmet: In the Belly of the Goddess Class

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Dates: August 4, 7, 11, 14, 18, 21, 24, 28

Time: 1:00pm - 3pm EST (16 hours class time)

Cost: Sliding scale $424 - $515 USD

I will be co-teaching with Indigo and Debbie 

Join Sekhmet and Nicole Balogh for an Alchemical journey of introspection, transformation and healing. During the week long retreat Nicole will be sharing the alchemical process form Nicki Scully's book, Sekhmet: Transformation in the Belly of the Goddess.

Throughout this powerful process, you will be given initiations, rites of passage, and transmissions to renew, co-create, and restructure the most important aspects of your being.

The alchemical process that you will engage in will bring you to the realization that you have the capacity to transform your most deeply ingrained negative habit patterns, including your inherent rage at people’s inhumanity to one another and disrespect of the planet. You will experience directly the entire alchemical process while your offering is safely gestating in the belly of Sekhmet. The alchemical gold, the universal medicine that is the result of your commitment and attention to the work at hand, results in the opportunity to heal at many levels— physical, emotional, spiritual, and at the level of your soul..

Sekhmet's name means Power, the Mighty One. She is the feminine face of the sun, the Lady of Flame. The Egyptian goddess of both destruction and healing; she is the quintessential compassionate healer and she is also the great destroyer. She represents the feminine fire to which you offer your undesirable patterns, and it is in her belly that the transformation occurs. She is the container, solid yet flexible, that holds you safe while you are transformed. 

This is Sekhmet’s time! Whenever the world is out of balance, as is currently obvious, Sekhmet, the Egyptian lioness goddess that is the archetype of both warrior and healer, is called upon to show up and help bring harmony, justice, truth and cosmic law back into the world. The ambitious purpose the book is to take people through a literal and fully conscious transformation in the belly of this powerful goddess. It is an opportunity for each person who commits to the process to receive healing at all levels, and once they have been reduced to their essence, to consciously participate in their regeneration and reconstruction. All who respond to Her call will come out the other side with a new level of strength, health, courage and the fierce compassion required to get us through this turbulent and chaotic time, and will have gained many new tools with which to meet the challenges that are facing us as individuals, in our communities, and for our planet.

Sekhmet's name is resounding from the lips of men and women who are actively reclaiming their power

For details about the intention of this class, see Nicki's article “In the Belly of the Goddess” at At the time the article was written, the scope of the transformation was much narrower. It has grown to include healing at all levels, body, mind, soul and spirit.

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Purely majical! Nothing could prepare you for what you will experience on this journey. Maybe, you could even receive a miracle. Thank you!

What a great journey to have been on. The whole experience was unforgettable. The time frame of the workshop was perfect. The length of time allowed for creative additional pieces of our journey (mind-blowing) allowed us to receive all the lessons and gifts. Thank you for guiding us through this so powerful journey.    

Delicious food. You are nourishing the body and the soul with pure, clean, whole foods prepared with love. Thank you.

Nicole creates and maintains a safe and nurturing container to hold space for everyone during their personal transformation. The work that happens while in the Belly of the Goddess is nothing short of miraculous. Thank you Nicole for an amazing week.  

It went completely beyond my expectations.

10/10 Come for the food, leave with your golden soul

Phenomenal. I cannot describe this workshop with the respect it deserves. From the deep space within my heart, I pull up the golden thank you and offer it to all involved in the workshop.

The food was abundant, balanced, completely nourishing. It was wholesome and delicious.